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noun par·a·digm \ˈper-ə-ˌdīm, ˈpa-rə- also -ˌdim\

  1. typical example or pattern of something; a model.

  2. a worldview underlying the theories and methodology of a particular scientific subject.

At 2Paradigms, we believe that there is no "one way" to do things.  By bringing together ideologies, concepts and knowledge from a variety of sources, we provide a fresh look and a new way of thinking.  We combine left-brain and right-brain thinking, approach a problem from a variety of angles and ways of thinking, and break it all down into easy to process terms.  With Founders at the helm who have run successful businesses by breaking out of the mold, we have first hand experience in what it takes to make it happen.

Justin Anderson

My work life began in a copy room working the graveyard shift at the age of 16.  After college, I ended up in the tech industry supporting a couple of medium-sized companies and dabbled in programming.  I left the tech industry to learn accounting and later ended up buying the practice.  My thirteen years as an accountant allowed me a window into a vast array of businesses.  I got to see what worked and what didn’t in each of them.  I used a lot of that knowledge to improve my own business.  In 2016, I sold that successful practice in order to start 2Paradigms.  2Paradigms is an opportunity to work with businesses in a more deeply involved sense across the entire spectrum of needs.

Suvarna Anderson

I started my work career in the legal field, working in downtown Seattle.  After several years, I changed course and began working in the tax and accounting field.  I purchased my first business in 2006, and have not looked back.  In the last thirteen years I have gleaned knowledge and honed my skill set as a business owner, real estate investor and Chief Operating Officer.  I specialize in financial review and analysis, budgeting/planning, operations management (including HR compliance), contract review and entity set up, and accounting clean-up.  I love the fact that both my creativity and propensity for order can combine to bring my clients the best of both worlds.

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