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"The Customer is always right." But they may not be the right customer for you.

Just like how not every shoe is the perfect fit, the same thought can be applied to customers. It is a common saying in business that the customer is always right. But that doesn't mean that you have to change your business practices to fit a customer that doesn't fit you. When we first get started, we tend to take any customer we can get, regardless of how they make us feel or how they change our practices. But after some time, we can begin to be selective about the clientele we maintain. While it is hard to let go of a customer, and the potential income they represent, the amount of energy that you gain back can do wonders for your business and yourself.

Close your eyes. (Maybe metaphorically would be best).

Think of a customer that just gets under your skin in some way, for some reason. Think of the amount of time you spend thinking about all the things you dislike in working with that customer. Think about the time you spend working with the customer and the changes you make to your systems to accommodate this one person. Think about the internal cringe you have when their name is brought up, their paperwork comes in, or they appear on your calendar. Think of how drained you are on a day when you have to deal with this customer.

Now think of a delightful customer. Think of how appreciative they are when you help them out. Think of the smile that it puts on your face when you interact with them. Think of how you look forward to the meeting when you see they are coming in.

Now what if all of your customers brought on this type of reaction? Would your days run more smoothly? Would you feel rejuvenated instead of in the doldrums? While not every customer is going to be a delight each and every time you meet with them, it is important to remember that you don't have to stick it out with a customer that isn't fitting.

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